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Unit 1: Introduction of Vaastu

  • Overview of mythological and scientific background of Vaastu,
  • Understanding Life force Energy,
  • Importance of Five Elements,
  • Use of Magnetic Compass,
  • Importance of Cardinal Directions & extensions,
  • Types, shapes and selection of Land,
  • Soil Test and VeedhiShoola.

Unit 2: Interiors and Exteriors

  • Open Space planning and Building Design,
  • Floor level,
  • Height factors,
  • Verandas, Balconies, Porch, Basements, Sumps & Borings,
  • Boundary Walls, Parking, Security Guard Room, Overhead Tanks, Septic Tanks, Water flow,
  • Mezzanine floors,
  • Plants and Greenery.

Unit 3: Orientation of Home

  • Master Bed Room , Kids room, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room,
  • Bathroom, Drawing room, Study Room, Puja Room,
  • Library, Store room, Furniture making, Doors, Windows and ventilators,
  • Main Entrance, Staircase, Servants room, Guest room.
  • Garrage

Unit 4: Commercial Vaastu

  • External and Internal Planning, Offices, Shops, Restaurants,
  • Showrooms, Schools, Hospitals and Other Commercial Establishments.

Unit 5: Remedial Vaastu

  • Identifying the Vaastu Defects,
  • Rectification of Vaastu Defects in Existing Building (without reconstruction)
  • Color therapy,
  • Discussion on different building Plans.

Unit 6: Pyramids

  • Introduction,
  • Power of Pyramids,
  • Application of Pyramids in Vaastu,
  • Remedies with Pyramids.
  • Other Auspicious Articles

Unit 7: Fengshui

  • Introduction
  • Relation with vaastu
  • Uses of various Fengshui articles

Unit 8: Practical

  • Project*: Vastu Analysis and Vastu Comparison followed by Viva
  • Examples and case studies,
  • Live discussion of vaastu on different plans bring by students in the class,
  • Site Visits

*Note: Project duration is of 15 days exclusive of course duration. Students have to analyze vaastu of similar flats in a multistoried building or colony and compare with the condition of families living there. Certificate will be awarded only after complete submission of Project, conduction of Viva and passing of exam.